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Rest in Peace, Our Dear Pixel

We lost our little Cairn Terrier last night after a long bout with kidney disease which may have been exacerbated by Lyme disease. We never saw a tick on her except many years ago, but we can only assume that the rare deer we saw in our yard before daybreak in late 2008 must have been the carrier.

Whether or not there was a direct correlation between the two doesn't negate the critical need for flea and tick preventive medication, and she wasn't on it regularly.

We had nearly 16 years with Pixel. She was always in Darwin's (RiP 12/2004) shadow, but they got along very well even though she could be a bit "bitchy" around other dogs, especially large females. That's pretty common for the breed. In the last few years of her life she mellowed greatly, and only showed aggression when another dog went after her food.
She was ALWAYS submissive towards humans, and so loving.

We have been treating her for kidney disease with special Hill's K/D diet and Epakitin (miracle worker!) for a year and noticed an amazing improvement.

She took a turn for the worse a few days before Labor Day. She was throwing up her K/D kibble. We were going out of town that weekend, and our vet graciously took her in, checked blood, gave IVs, switched her to K/D canned. Things were going well, but in a day or so Pixel started upchucking again. Vet switched her to baby food and rice and kept the IVs going. When it looked like we could bring her home, we took her in for a few Sub-Q treatments and switched her to a homemade concoction that Hill's recommended, and she did wonderfully. It wasn't until Thurs. late morning that she upchucked that, and later plain baby food.

She had no energy for the last 24-48 hrs, and doubtful she would have survived the night, and certainly would have been in severe discomfort. She was more than ready, and went very peacefully and quickly.

Pixel had a very full and loving life, and although we grieve right now and try to adjust to the strangeness of life without our furry beloved, our sorrow will soon be replaced with the countless memories of all of the joy and extra quality she brought to our lives, as all dogs do.

And now, she gets to reunite with and romp with her "brother" Darwin the Westie, somewhere around Rainbow Bridge. We'll look for you guys a little later.

This one's for you, our faithful Scottish Best Friends.
"Battlefield Band--Norland Wind (Magheracloone)"

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