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"A Mighty Heart-less"

Over at Political Derby, Brian writes this piece about the Obama Administration's decision to try Gitmo detainees in New York City, including the confessed murderer, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Money quote:

It is often easier to simply scoff at President Obama as “The One”, “The Massiah”, “TOTUS”, etc. etc. but the reality is that he is the President of the United States. As such, his actions have serious consequences on millions of people and a Constitution that he swore an oath to “preserve, protect and defend” to the best of his ability. What we have been witness to thus far from President Obama is not a man that is enlightened or worldly but a man that is aloof to the world around him and aloof to the consequences of his actions.

Indeed. As much as I disagreed with some of George Bush's policies (esp. around immigration) I never doubted his sincerity in protecting our country.
Additionally, Bush never gave off this "air" of the presidency being "about HIM". Obama rarely DOESN'T convey that message whenever he speaks.

We're not even a full year into an Obama presidency, and I'm imagining things in our country getting worse.. much worse.