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Getting ready for Christmas

This time of year always takes me by surprise, but I'm always happy when I put the single electric candle lights in each window of the house, and then wrap the gaslight in a combo of fake pine garland and lights, put the lighted garland over the door, the lighted wreath on the door, and little trees on either side. This time I also added some multi-colored lights over the kitchen window.

Not good pics cuz of no flash, but you get the idea. Not the Griswolds, but still festive. That's how we like it.

Indoors I've been gradually putting up lighted hearth garland, stairway garland, and touches here and there.

We'll be getting our tree this weekend, hopefully, but it's supposed to rain and possibly snow. It might need to hang out on our patio to dry off if that's the case.

Merry Christmas to you all, and a happy New Year.

Update: It snowed Friday night into Saturday. First snow of the season.

Along with a roaring fire. Life's good.