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Getting ready for blizzard #2

I just realized that my last post was before our record-breaking blizzard in December just before Christmas.

After that, Mr. Mo and I went on our first cruise (officially celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary) where the temps were cooler than usual, but I still managed to get a sunburn in St. Thomas.

When we drove back from Florida to Virginia we heard of record lows, plus high winds.

Our gaslight lid had been blown off, the mantles were long gone, and our grill cover was blown off; we found it in the back corner of the yard.

Since then we've had two more snows, both 4-6 inches.

These are pics of the last one, this past weekend.

And tomorrow we're supposed to top what we had in December.

Holy frijoles, this promises to be the most snow I've seen in a Northern VA winter in my life. And we're talking 46 years, folks.