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OK, this is getting ridiculous. Not only did we have snowfall on three separate days last week, tomorrow night we're supposed to get anywhere from 10-20" on top of two feet.

Thankfully, we didn't lose power from the weekend blizzard, but we still haven't seen a plow in our neighborhood, so this afternoon we desperate neighbors decided to shovel our street. Fortunately, a few of the neighbors have snow blowers, too. With everyone pitching in, we managed to clear pathways to everyone's house in a matter of a few hours.

Witness two feet of Global Warming:

Since we managed to dig out, we decided to grab a bite somewhere this evening and pick up a few more items in case we're shut in again. I just pray we don't lose power. We have a wood fireplace but not copious amounts of firewood... enough for a few days, maybe.
We do have gas cooking, though. I'm so glad we kept that and didn't opt for electric.

So, coming bills are paid or scheduled to be paid via online, in the event the mailman can't get to our houses. We're as prepared as we can be.
If power goes out, I'll be doing a lot of reading and moving around to keep warm. I'll also be relying on the Slanket like never before :-) That thing is amazing at trapping body heat, and the "Ultimate" version is remarkably soft!