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A Long Post: The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates - Jim Geraghty

Pretty comprehensive rundown of broken promises from "The One". Health care mandates and negotiations on C-SPAN, raising taxes, recess appointments, border security, etc.

No wonder so many people voted for him. I mean, he wasn't Bush, and he campaigned as a moderate. Of course as soon as he was elected he began pushing his true agenda which is that of a socialist the rest of us knew he was. We knew because we looked at his past and his associations over the years.

He fooled a lot of Americans who weren't interested in knowing the truth about Obama -- it was too easy to listen to the mainstream media who didn't vet him properly.

They were taken in by his speeches -- speeches that made them feel good but were very general in nature, very repetitive, and very numerous (even after his election--continual "campaign" mode.)

And every time FOX News or a conservative blogger brought up an issue of concern, a seeming contradiction to his past record... diversionary tactics were immediately deployed to deflect examining the allegations.

Not only that, but anyone who dared to criticize or point out anything in a negative light was immediately trashed and demonized by the water-carrying leftwing media, which liberals in overwhelming numbers tune to. No wonder they hate FOX News, Rush, Hannity, Levin.

But thank God for these relatively few who tirelessly seek the truth and to expose the hypocrisy.

The fact that Barack Obama has pleaded that you not listen to them should be a huge red flag.

I mean, seriously. Think about that for a moment. When has a POTUS ever done that? And if you can point out an example in the last 100 years I'm all ears.


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Mar. 1st, 2012 11:02 pm (UTC)
liberals trashing conservatives
Well Clinton trashed Rush and claimed that Rush had 3 hours a day to inflict damage on Clinton and Clinton had no resources to fight back but that pales in comparison to Obutthole and his cronies in the media. Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder
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