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What a treat. The "Blue Collar Comedy" tour is officially over, but four minus Ron White are still touring around. I wish I could remember more of their jokes. A few of them I'd heard before, but it's still great to hear it again especially live. Most of it was new material.

The guys ended the show with the "I believe...." shtick and the last one that closed it was Larry saying "I believe.... that the only good that came out of the 'Cash For Clunkers' program is that there are fewer cars on the road with Obama bumperstickers."
That got a huge round of applause. (I've heard him say that one before, but it was still great).

Oh, another thing from Larry (during his solo act) was "Man, y'all had a tough winter up here with the blizzards and stuff. How many of you were saying 'Al Gore, you're an @$$hole!'?"

You have no idea, Larry.