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Update, at long last

Not like those who are real-life friends with me don't already know, but we did indeed make the move to Idaho last July. Shortly after the last post about moving, a neighbor's tree fell on our house after a freakish summer rain storm that dumped an enormous amount of water in a short time. In hindsight it was a disaster waiting to happen, and it was miraculous that it occurred when it did since 1) we were mostly packed up, and 2) our buyers weren't moved in!   We're just grateful that they didn't run away from the deal. As it turns out they got better insulation, new roof on almost half of the house, new drywall, paint, new bathroom exhaust fan, and a better master bedroom ceiling fan with lights. Settlement was delayed by only three weeks as the repairs were done in about four.

We drove cross-country in 4 days, settled on our new Idaho house and have been loving living out west. Low humidity has been wonderful both in summer and winter seasons. 

First order of business was purchasing bedroom furniture in prep for my mom's visit last Sept., but prior to that we obtained our new dining room table and chairs and China hutch cabinet.

We are still awaiting our sofas, recliners, coffee table and sleeper sofa for the study in the next few weeks. It really does feel like not only a new chapter, but starting over in many ways.

And I have my dream kitchen which I've been using to the fullest!   Here's a recipe I'd like to share from a blog I recently discovered. I made a half recipe for the Super Bowl, used fat-free cream cheese, and it was terrific! Not your usual "buffalo chicken cheese" recipe which is typically a dip.

I used panko breadcrumbs, and here's what the finished product looks like. I also put them under the broiler for the few minutes to get them golden.