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Robin Gibb, RiP

I'm a child of the 60s/70s. Andy Gibb's passing was a real shock to me when I was so loving his music, especially duos with Olivia Newton-John.
Maurice died roughly 15 yrs later and now his twin brother Robin is gone.

I came of age in a time when it was not really cool and kinda geeky but everyone at least secretly liked the Bee Gees. We knew that what we were experiencing was special, but to admit it would automatically draw the lines. "You like disco?!?!" 

I was always confused about that because I also remember desks on which kids had carved "Pink Floyd is gay!" or some such nonsense.   It's amazing I grew up somewhat normal.

Anyway, I am offering my deepest condolences to the Gibb family. I can't imagine Barry's grief over losing all of his younger siblings. God bless and keep you all, you're in our prayers. Thank you for all you've given to us over so many years.

This is probably my favorite live performance of an early song:

The last Bee Gees album I purchased was ESP, for this song alone: