Six Degrees of Blondness

Just one degree shy of achieving "total blondishness". (Which could be niish.)

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Mo K
12 December
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I'm a patriotic Protestant Christian who is increasingly concerned about where our country is headed, namely towards dependence on government which will ensure our once great country's demise.

Around 2000 I become hooked on the country music genre, and learned line dancing and some couples dances too.

I appreciate good wine and enjoy visiting vineyards or just good ol' wine tastings that many of them offer at festivals or other venues.

I love to cook, but have been a bit lazy about trying new dishes, and yet I have enough cookbooks for ten lifetimes. But in 2011 I moved out west with my wonderful husband and now have my dream gourmet kitchen, so I've been restarting one of my passions!

I love music, and enjoy indulging my desire to play the piano when it hits me. Though I do wonder where my technical skills went. Nah, I know. What you want to excel at, as well as maintain, you must continue to pursue.

Starting October '08 I've been a contributing author of Constitution Club blog over in links. Getting the house in VA ready to sell and moving west has taken my time away from blogging, but I can only use that excuse so much. Facebook has been the real blog-killer, to be honest.

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